I didn´t receive my withdrawal of 15000 EUR since almost 3 weeks!
On 20.08.15 I sent a withdrawal request, on 21.08.15 they took away my money from MT4 but it never arrived on my bank account.

After I told them several times by Mail that I am going to make the case public and file a complaint with CySec, on 25.08.15 a very angry Mr. Hakam Thalji called and shouted at me. He said I have to stop writing this kind of mails otherwise they will "not be on my side anymore". After he asked me "to talk Business" I asked him to do the same and he said that the funds will be available for withdrawal on 26.08.15 or 27.08.15. But no transfer arrived and no Mr. Thalji gave me any update.
I kept calling every day to ask for the status, but always Mr. Thalji was unavailable. I always asked for a time when he should be available again. So I called again but either he was in a meeting, at lunch, left the office already or was not yet in the office etc.

It´s absolutely clear, that Falconbrokers is not able at all to fulfil my withdrawal request. Until now they gave me not one single reasonable cause why the withdrawal is delayed. And, I am sorry, but it makes no sense that their Liquidity Provider has to send the money first as Mr. Thalji explained me. And if that´s the case, why they need almost 3 weeks for it. Even Transactions between Europe and Australia take just one single day.
Then on 03.09.15 I got another call from a Lady offering me 5k each week until the full withdrawal is processed. We dealt to 5k the first week and 10k the next. She promised to check and to confirm on the day after, but didn´t. So, another week passed by without any Progress. They try nothing else than to Play on time.
So I see no other alternative than going public.
Is there anybody else with similar experiences or having an advice?
Thank you.
it makes no sense that their Liquidity Provider has to send the money first as Mr. Thalji explained me.

Please note that retail traders (us) are the market maker´s liquidity providers to be honest.

So maybe he was triyng to say that he needs more traders sending money to him, to be able to pay u back.