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Website is still down, I am sure Email too. Try to send them one email to check it's going or bounce back.


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Hi Sandman, I'm one of the victim as well. Got to know this person called Chen Jing and communicate through LINE app. Taught me how to play forex. Initially she asked me to put 1000USD to try. We did a few transaction in 2 weeks and reap some profits. On one day, she went missing while leaving me at a open trade and I lost all my money in the account. I was initially wanted to quit as I can afford to lose that money however to my surprise, she compensate me in full and apologise to me probably she knew they can cheat me further. Very soon, she pressure me for weeks asking me to put top up 10k and I rejected. Soon this friendship turn sour and she actually started swearing in chat. I blocked her and wanted to withdrew the money to another local broker however, the broker blocked my account for a week and instantly withdrew the money in my account without informing me and my authorisation.

I had reported to the police, DBS and UOB in Singapore for investigation as their deposit account is with Singapore. However, I believe that the chances of retrieving back is slim. For my case, is quite similar as yours however this broker actually block my account for 1 week and withdraw funds from my trading account without my authorisation and told me that the funds in my account doesn't belongs to me. The broker did not asked for any explanation from me and simply withdraw the money. Hence I suspect the scammer and the brokers are together in this scam because no broker or any financial institution in the world are allowed to withdraw funds from anyone's account without notification.
If you are a victim in Singapore, suggest you to report to the police and inform the banks. As the broker are based overseas, there is nothing you can do but wait for the investigation to be over.

霆聚投資有限公司 (Ting Ju Investment Co., Limited)

They renamed their website from hongmao became tingju
I knew from my whats app friend.
(He blocked my whats app when I informed him not yet received my withdrawal).
Then, I used my whats app friend supposed to be a new customer, He(Lee) give this link


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