SCAM ALERT Kirchberg team


AthenaFx Representative
Another laughable product from the kirchberg team.

They have run many scams starting with forex autopilot and continuing with numerous EAs later on.

Most of the time they hide their name. This time, the "actor steve" from fapturbo is promoting the EA thru

$39 (discount $10) for an insane get-rich-quick scheme.

They are targeting desperate, stupid or ignorant people as well as novice traders.

Could you imagine how many people have lost money with their products ?

Subject: SPAM-LOW: Only 16 years old and shows you how to profit.

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All the best,


Does that mean that a 32 year old can make $47,794 a month with 2 copies and a 48 year old can make $71,691 a month with 3 copies. :p