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Problem SCAM ALERT - Samir Beool owns CapitalOneForex and 5StarsForex

I am having an issue with a company

Beool Izabela

My name is Beool Izabela, I am Samir Beool wife, the owner of Capital One Forex & 5 Stars Forex and I can confirm 1000% that the 2 companies are his and both are SCAM. So people beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With your money he's making a luxury life in Europe. Non of the companies are register.
He left me without work and any money, also his 3 kids in USA starving like me .
Hot Forex a lot of the bad review you have comes from his paid people.
Right now he is in Spain, most probably Valencia.
wow what a revelation.. im actually really intrigued and kinda shocked, this is really serious.. I know the dude has some messy bad record behind him, though not confirmed,. I really do wish you all the best.
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I can't wait to see the next chapter in this saga.

I am watching this subject for few days now I think this is just a Nasty Divorce, Miss Beool , has participated in the business side by side with her husband till last month, now the turn Is 360 Degree, such act expected in a divorce, Samir Beool contact information as I am able to contact him are
Viper : +16047575900
Whatapp : +35799094990
Skype: Beool.cofx
Email : beool@capitaloneforex.com
Home Address : 38 Kilkis St. Arradippou 7104 Cyprus

I chated with him and he said that any client in his company with a complain can contact him directly and he is open to any discussion.
Let us show what he will say if clients with issues talk to him directly, maybe better to hear two sides of the story for better judgment.

I look forward to see screen shots of chats with Mr: Beool .
No matter what Izabella's motives are, Samir Beool has proven himself to be a liar many times. He also scammed many clients of Capital One Forex. I was a participant in discussions where he failed to pay clients what was owed.
Can somebody please notify the clients who were not paid and let them know about this above for the sake of fairness, I was affirmed again by Mr, Beool that anyone can contact him and express their issues .

I hope we will see some action here I really want to see if Mr, Beool a man I really respect as described by haters, well I guess success does not come easy .
For some reason, something is telling its a bit too late for that. the root of this issue goes way way deeper to be covered by a mere "Call me I can help you".. I really feel for Ms Izabela, and after this post something tells me she got his attention. but her message is more than enough to show what kind of a person this samir is. Paying for bad reviews and comments? now thats really low, but whats worst are the KIDS, like COME ON!! just my two cents anyway
This Samir guy's a pathological scammer. He'd probably pay off one or two clients just so he can "prove" that he's not scamming anymore. That would make it easier for him to lure in more victims.

If any victims want to try to contact him again, they can. I suspect most of them gave up on getting sensible and responsible answers from him a long time ago.
I was one of Samir's scammed clients and I already knew that 5 stars forex was run by him even before his then partner in crime Izabela confirmed it. 5 stars forex emailed and called me using the same hard sell tactics and over the top promotions as Capital One Forex used to con me of depositing my money with them. Even their webpage layout is identical with Capital One Forex which has since been taken down. A leopard never changes its spot. He's been scamming people long before his Capital One Forex days. He was a Senior Sales Manager at HotForex and he even scammed his own ex colleague of tens of thousands of dollars. But I believe in karma. What goes around comes around. Steps are being taken to bring him to justice. He will eventually be caught. Trust me on this.