scam alert is a scam forex broker


i register with acmgold Ghana 19-04-2012 and fund my account using swift transfer to their Nigeria account with 2600$.

see the screenshot of my payment

after trading for over eight months and increase the profit of my account i got an email from acmgold that they are no more operating in Ghana and they also disable my account and seize my funds.

i contacted their representative here in Ghana , the guy told me he is no more working with acmgold and has refund all the money of their customers who pay through local bank here in Ghana.

i finally contacted acmgold for a refund of my money they keep referring me to their local representative, the guy told me he has not receive any money from acmgold and also suggest i should ask for a proof of the payment until now acmgold have not send me any proof.

i have send several emails to them with no response, we are forming association to come to Nigeria and report them to efcc and other security agencies in Nigeria since they have office in Nigeria

they said they are no more in Ghana but they still have a link in their website for Ghana

ACM Gold Road Map is a scam, they came to scam us in Ghana