Scam and lose usd 85,000 from blueberry market

Scam Reporters

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By blueberry market
If we have resolved your complaint, please confirm in writing. Where we are not able to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction, you may be permitted to refer your complaint to the Securities Commission Of The Bahamas (SCB). Details of the SCB found here:

Any one know SCB ?
I send several complaints emails to them
But no response
And this is exactly why offshore brokers should be generally avoided.
Furthermore, a complaint will not resolve your issue. You would need to file a claim to some sort of arbitrary office, for money dispute. If such a thing exists in the designated offshore jurisdiction.

Were you aware that you were redirected to SBC company, during account opening stage? Did you give consent or you were misled to believe you joined an ASIC reg entity? Is it broker's practice to direct all non Australians to a different company, by default?

Lastly, Bluberry/8cap is also, UK Playtech ultimately, owned by ...well google it your self. Then ask your self would you have joined in the first place, having known all that.

Forex needs serious regulation and clensing worldwide. Sadly, apart from the US, the rest is as it is. And won't change any time soon...
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