Scam broker Tradersway


TradersWay Representative
I have a question here for both (You can also take it as a suggestion)
@TradersWay If possible publicly share the IPs used to trade the account around the time the disputed trades were placed.

@Cleve Do you have any info on where this so-called account manager was located?

Hi @FxMaster the original poster has the list of IP addresses and can post them here. We emailed everything on August 20th at the request of the client. We cannot post all of these IP addresses here and violate our privacy policies. The client is free to do so and we will simply check that everything we sent was included by the client.


And???? .....This is an anticlimax to an alleged trades manipulation by the broker TradersWay.

After reading all the back-and-forth in this dispute, I am leaning towards "the husband did it" theory brought forth by TradersWay Rep.

Is the jury is still out on this?