Scam by Pepperstone


I opened my account with them since July 2018

So fast so good.

Suddenly they remove the withdrawal by credit card. I can understand.

Most of the time, the pricing of the fills were good.

Recently, I traded US30 with them.
With a sudden market announcement, my fill is 100 index points from market, and the market has not traded that level for the next 10 mins.
Took it as one off event,

Today was the worst day ever trading with the.
I am warning all possible account holders to watch out.

I shorted DE30 at market.
The fill was 60 index points below market.
Afraid that they created all sorts of excuses, I put limit orders to sell US30
All my orders were filled, but not at my order prices.
All orders done at 20 to 50 index points before my order prices.

I chat with the live support, Isabella.
She insisted all my orders are done at market.
Keep asking for my email address so she can follow up.
All fake, all scammers

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