Scam by SLFX mobile forex trading apps


if the person who scammed you said that he/she is from HK then I think you should report it to the HK police too and made them aware there are so many people are trying to use their locations to conduct illegal activities. I’m positive they are inundated with this type of claims on daily basis and hopefully they’ll come up with something. Asians are pretty quick when it comes with efficiency. So, I still suggest to make the Hk police aware about it. I have reported to the HK police, they didn’t ask many of my private info. However, they do want to know what exactly happened to you and be as detail as possible.
Be safe and good luck!
Ok I had submitted report to Hong Kong police.... Thanks for the info

The Punisher

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when I open the site, I can't access the desktop version address (, all I can access is the mobile version (, and there's nothing we can take from here, whether it's a business address, regulatory information and so on ..

then I tried to see the address to download the application that you provided, (, and there is something interesting here, when I point to the software version for IOS, I get the address points to TESTFLIGHT ( apple, which we know is only for software development, and not yet fully released or may not be released and only to take advantage and fraud from those who download it.

My advice is that if you know the details of the suspects, or at least their addresses, report it to the authorities immediately.

source wikipedia : TestFlight returns two IP's: &