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1. Located in - -

Registered owner: Company: Dianne Sandstrom Dollars Club
Address: Lund 34/56 Lund LUND AB,35543 SE
Phone: +46.46700987462

Most popular domain of this owner: -
2. This site has robbed likely hundreds if not thousands of folks from 100 usd to 50,000 and does not respond to any request to refund the money…they are very arrogant and stole from me $1,500 (plus damages) as well as over 10,000 from my downline.
3. I have made FBI reports and also Reports to Scambook as of Today 3/13/2013.
4. This site could be responsible of robbing millions of dollars from the American and European Public.
5. Most clients delivered funds to them via Solidtrust Pay and Liberty Reserve Payee Servicers (which they have been very cooperative to get our refunds but I believe are having trouble locating owners.
6. There is an administrator for the site that my downline and myself tried to talk to but he was very arrogant and did not care if we reported him to the law… he is:
Registered through: Plug-In Profit Site Domains
Created on: 30-Sep-12
Expires on: 30-Sep-13
Last Updated on: 30-Sep-12

Gennadiy Petrov
Str. Pervomayskaya 205-6
Maykop, Adegeya 385000
Russian Federation

Administrative Contact:
Petrov, Gennadiy
Str. Pervomayskaya 205-6
Maykop, Adegeya 385000
Russian Federation
7. There is a likelihood this site is being used to raise capital for Russian related white criminal activities.
8. If you have any questions please contact me email Vicente Galindo
Contact CIA Headquarters:
Central Intelligence Agency
Office of Public Affairs
Washington, D.C. 20505
By Phone:
(703) 482-0623 FAX: (703) 482-1739

AND WITH FBI FBI ? Homepage 3/13/2013 AS WELL AS WITH Complaint Resolution Platform | Scambook

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Filing reports with LR and SolidTrust - Good.
Filing a report with the FBI - Reasonable.
Filing a report with the CIA? Unless you can prove the funds are going toward something that directly threatens the USA, you're just sending them stuff that will get deleted.

If you are in the US and have been victimized by online financial fraud from anywhere, or you are from anywhere and have been victimized by online financial fraud from inside the USA, then is one of the best places to file a complaint. redirects to something else. is a HYIP. Is it possible to make 10 times your investment in 10 days? With VERY risky trading, the answer is yes. Is it possible to reliably make 10 times your investment in 10 days and keep doing this? Absolutely not. Anyone who says it is wants only one thing in one place - your money in their pocket.

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In 40 days, I'd have $10,000
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In 70 days, I'd have $10,000,000
In 80 days, I'd have $100,000,000
In 90 days, I'd have $1,000,000,000
In 100 days, I'd have $10,000,000,000
So, $1 to $10 billion in 100 days. By the end of one year, I'd own the Earth and everything on it.

Do not "invest" in HYIPS. They are all scams. Read this:

Please share the link with anyone else you know who puts money into these scams or is even thinking of putting money in.


thanks for the advice...and yes once i talked via email to their website administrator he sounded very much like a criminal and had zero feelings of taking folks money...I think has taken millions as of now from folks Worldwide.


9 Has made no attempt to pay over 10 folks of our downline so that collectively we did a report against them and they are now under FBI and WCC Investigations
7:21 AM (2 minutes ago)
to me

Thank you for filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).

Your complaint has been successfully submitted. Please retain the following information for future contacts with the IC3:

Complaint Id: I130315102055****