SCAM (CAPXM & Shiftforex) Two different faces One company SCAM


My story begins with Shift Forex from 2 year not work with them becouse them work with fortes LP after this lp close on all money So I did not work with them
after 2 year found online capxm LP talk with owner this lp after that transferred me to Shift forex with Tahsin haykal
after that this person talk to me about must get technology from them i tell them i well take from other only i take lpform capxm
after that capxp tell me must work with shift to work with us
my answer is no problem work with them if is make api to you
At the beginning of the first deal
They were regular but there was a strange robbery that was only understood by some
ٍShift Forex does not accept the direct transfer, although there are contracts, as a separate company, but receives all its transfers through the company CapXm
I found commissions added to the conversion at $ 80 worthless
I found the price of the software that does not exist
I found that there were commissions that
CapXm was taking without any knowledge and there was no agreement that CapXm would take commissions
Unlike commissions for the benefit of the
ShiftForex add on the invoice
to any iWhen I checked it out I found CapXm
Mona was charged with commissions of about 38 thousand dollars
********But something bigger is happening
I found that Shiftforex is installing tools plugin on my work to damage my customers with the aim of losing them and taking care of their responsibility
When you spoke to them, they said that you have a problem with your eXpert
We have changed the EXPERT to more than EXPERT
But we were caught up with the same mistakes
I told them there was a problem
She asked for Amwali's withdrawal, which is scheduled for March 15, 2017
He withdrew the amount of 35 thousand and in the account 40 thousand refused to withdraw for two days until the tools destroy all money on the account
i will upload every thing about this company this American people not work in america to not pay tax and recessive money by other person on neteller
They were remitting employees from countries with other non-US nationalities to escape the rigors and circumventing the law
I will attach all the files on my contract with the company
Cap and Shift

And all stolen commissions
All withdrawals are refused to be converted
As well as images of accounts that have been installed with tools to deliberately damage
*******************I hope not to deal with these thieves
*********************If there are lawyers to defend the case
This is my pleasure


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Now the scammer Tahsin Haykal after some clients (he stole their money) knew his address in Novi Sad in Sep 2017. Tahsin Haykal scammer ran away from Serbia to Limassol and of course scamming under the new brand Kachingcoins .

Keep in mind guys Tahsin Haykal escaped from Miami Florida 2015 after he received some cheques (laundering money) on his home address when him and Shiftmarkets used to steal money from under Golden Bridge. And the FBI gave Shiftforex which is Shiftmarkets now what the deserve but unfortunately they used someone's else identity.

Kachingcoins Scam
shiftmarkets scam
shiftforex is a scam
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I think I have also been scammed by Shift.. I recently gave them ALOT of money to help me start an exchange and they promised to have it finished within a few weeks, which then later turned into months and now we are still waiting and people are also not responding. I am curious as to what happened with your case because I am considering sueing them. What did you guys do? Did you sue them? Did you win the case? Sorry for so many questions! Thanks so much in advance!