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SCAM Cases - What are the new rules?

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by AsstModerator, Jan 24, 2008.

  1. AsstModerator

    AsstModerator FPA Forums and Reviews Admin

    Dec 11, 2007
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    Attention all troops:

    Recently, the moderators here have been discussing some major changes to the Forex Peace Army review system.

    We think we already have the best system for forex ratings on the web, but we want to make them even better. Part of this effort is to define what would make the difference between 4 and 5 stars. Also, what is the real difference between 1 star rating and a scam rating?

    In the near future, reviews will go through a new moderation system. There will be better definitions of what qualifies as 1-5 stars. As part of this, any new review rated as a scam will be subject to some new rules.

    Right now, anyone can post a scam rating. If the story they tell does describe something close to a scam, the review gets posted with no real investigation. That is changing soon.

    Once the new system is implemented, scam reviews that seem to have some merit will be posted as 1 star reviews with a special note that a Scam Investigation is underway. The review will later get a note about what the results of the investigation turned out to be.

    Under the new system, scam reviews will need evidence. The type of evidence will depend on the type of scam. Possible evidence would include screen shots, copies of emails with full headers, and more.

    We know that this places a large burden on the person claiming they have been scammed, but we also need to be fair to companies that are falsely accused. The company would be asked to present their own evidence.

    What we need now is some input from the soldiers of the Forex Peace Army.

    What ideas do you have about what would be enough evidence to open a scam investigation and what would be acceptable evidence needed to consider a scam to be proven?
  2. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    DNA, retinal patterns, and fingerprints. :D

    Seriously though, it depends a lot on the case. Someone selling an ebook and not honoring a money back guarantee would be a lot simpler to prove than stop hunting.

    In addition to screen shots and emails, I think brokerage statements, transcripts of chat conversations, and web links to other evidence might be needed for some cases.

    A note to those who think they may be getting caught up in a scam situation - get the name and email address of everyone you speak to on the phone. Once you are done, send them a synopsis of what was said via email and invite them to respond if they feel what you've written isn't correct. CC this to the main tech support email address. This will save you from having the company later say "We have no records of such a conversation taking place."

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