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I am a victim of a 100, 000 dollars scam perpetuated by a Hongkong based lady called Alice, through a broker Eight prime global limited.

This was done to me over a period of three months putting me in debts and taking away all my life savings.

I don't know what to do with my life or where to starts.I don't know her as we only talk over whassApp after she convinced me to invest in Forex . She even convince me to leave my low paying job, borrow more money, buy usdt through binance and sent to his broker Eight global limited .

We traded in mt5 two times a week and I made a profit of ,1.6 million over three months. I look at the platforms ,MT5, and it was so real. I never doubted her so all my money was channel to this scheme.

After trading for sometimes, she convinced me to opt for a centerinary promotion of 100,000 usdt from his fake broker offered by her fake broker, Eight prime global limited with a promise of helping me to complete the activity. After opting for this, the broker told me I will not be able to withdraw any money if I did not complete the activity.

I invested 96000 dollars from borrowed money, funds from selling of all my properties and borrowings from banks and friends. However, when I wire the remaining 4000 dollars , she withdraw it to her personal wallet promising to complete her own activity before helping me. That was when I realised there was something wrong . Afterward, she keeps asking me to borrow more money to complete my activity as she has not completed hers, contrary to the promise she gave me.

I confronted the broker to allow me to withdraw, but I was instead blocked and my account suspended.

I am devastated, with no help , no money and no where to go. The banks, friends and family are after me to repay them. No one is helping , including binance, FCA, company house or bank. Beside I told a lie too the banks that I was constructing my house, as Alice instructed. I have no way to go. How could this happen to me ?
I’m very sorry to hear that you have been scammed. My story is very similar to your other than first contact was through Facebook and if it makes you feel any better I lost much more $ to these scammers.
The only thing I can do now is delay my retirement and think positive I’ll be in debt for the rest of my life but what can I do i was a jackass and fell for the scam.
The crypto exchange I was using is called HC Coins the application is only available on cell phones and couldn’t find a URL.
I hope through our experiences it will prevent other peeps from falling into this honey trap.
Like the old saying goes
If it sounds too good to be true it probably is….
Take care, EKO
I just came across about the big arrest of 'Pig Butchering Scam" members in Philippine. The story coverage by CCTV China and narrate in Chinese. It might be happened some time back in 2019.

The syndicate bank accounts could have freeze by Philippine authority. If you are the victim during that time, you should call Philippine authority in Quezon City to see you have the chance to get back your money.
Sorry to hear that this happened to you, but it’s good to see others spreading awareness so that more traders can be aware of these scams!
sorry to hear all the stories.
I'm in the beginning of the same story here. she is acting the same personality, same uncle and she asked me to open a demo account on
checked the demo who is. registration is 10 days ago, and asked me to add this demo account to my MT5 app.
she gave me two signals with entering time 30 mins before and the closing time online.
I'm waiting for the rest of the story ...
dont fall for it its a scam
Hi all,
I think i was in this situation now also.
I need some help here whether this company is it real or scam? - (Big Uncle Limited)
Now I can't withdraw and I ask me to pay 20% tax of the profit.

Thank you.
Hi all,
I think i was in this situation now also.
I need some help here whether this company is it real or scam? - (Big Uncle Limited)
Now I can't withdraw and I ask me to pay 20% tax of the profit.

Thank you.
This is a scam. DO NOT pay any fees or taxes as this is part of the scam to steal more money from you.