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Dear Team,

I would like to tell you my story about because the stole my
1.2 BTC. I really need help to have a chance to get my money back. Maybe
you have an idea or can offer me chance go public with that.

Some magazines are already helping me!

I am from germany and wanted to buy some BYG (Bouygues Coin). The only
exchange I found was

After I transferred 1.2 BTC from my account to (See
attached screenshots) I read at that the Coin is
on a hard fork and it makes no sense to buy that coin at the moment.

1) Screenshot 1 (payment_to_finexbox.jpg): Transfer from my
Wallet to my account

2) Screenshot 2 (deposit_finexbox.png): The succesful deposit at my accout

Then I decided to withdraw my funds because I don't wanted to wait the hard
fork of BYG will be done. So I made a withdrawel at This
withdrawel stuck at "waiting for confirmation" since 16th. Feb. 2020 (See
attached screensot).

1) Screenshot 1 (withdraw_finexbox.png): Withdrawel attempt

I emailed a dozed times to solve the problem. I didn't get any
answer from them. No information. Nothing. Then I asked the guys from for help. They told me that said, they
recognized several hacking attemps from my account, so they did not want
confirm my withdrawel.

If there are really hacking attempts from my account they have the
obligation to tell me that. And how on earth they can say that from my IP
came hacking attempts. I have a dial up account from a german provider. My
IP changes at every dialup.

What hacking attempts should I have be done? I transferred my 1.2 BTC to and then I wanted to withdraw my 1.2 BTC.

Why I did not get any answer from them? Why they blocked my on Twitter
after I asked a simple question?

On their Facebook page are several people with the same problems. All in
all it's seams that they only wanted to steal my money. This Posts were
deleted by finexbox to hide their actions. See attached screenshot

1) Screenshot 1 (facebook_finexbox.png): Facebook Comments

Even on Twitter are people with the same Problem.
Now deleted my account and stole my money!!

Please, we have to stop that scammers!!!

Thank you!


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2nd Lieutenant
Is finexbox regulated? if so, by whom?

Not sure why you sent your money to someone you didn't know well or understand their business model.


2nd Lieutenant
1,980 is registered in HK und UK also also regulated there.

Did you actually check the HK and UK FCA regulatory database? If so, can you please post the links and/or screenshot of the database search result here?


Can you share the official reply with us here?

Of course. First the attachment of my "communication" with the support via telegram. The PDF contains the communication with them with the help from the guys from which tried to help to solve the issue.


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Lt. Colonel
Of course. First the attachment of my "communication" with the support via telegram. The PDF contains the communication with them with the help from the guys from which tried to help to solve the issue.
First of all, invite the company by using the invite company option to your thread. And if you are unable to locate the option then this thread "Tutorial: How to Invite a company to your thread." will help you to find out.

Note: Invitation button will be enabled when your thread passes 96 hours.
Note 2: Make sure to follow the suggestions correctly, when you do it correctly you will get below message in your thread automatically.
Note 3: Make sure to share your account number (Only account number). Many time this help companies to find out you are genuine or not.

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