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Problem SCAM!! J&K Futures

I am having an issue with a company
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My name is Shn , who has live account at J&k Futures which is a forex broker located in

LA - 3435 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1103 Los Angeles, CA 90010
NY - 44 Wall Street 13th Fl. New York, NY 10005


I am sure that I have lost $43,085 caused by J&K's improper and scam business manner.

I would like to explain briefly about this dispute.

1. As a typical scalper, I traded USDJPY during from 05:28 to 13:16 EST on June 4, 2008 and took $43,085 profit.
During my trading, the market was normal condition.

2. However, the forex broker J&K deleted and removed all of my trading history and got rid of my profit $43,286 without any mutual agreement, insisted on that there was spike on their trading platform during from 02:05 to 04:55 EST on same day(June 4, 2008)

3. J&K confirmed many times that abnormal time span is "02:05- 04:55 EST 4th June"

4. I traded 05:28-13:16 and it was outside of abnormal conditin time(as they called)

5. As I didn't trade during that time, I showed them my trading report which I saved in my computer as an evidence, they suddenly changed the time from 02:05-04:55 to 02:05-05:55 in order to my trading time be involved

and refuse to restore my profit until now.

I cannot understand such mean manner.

6. Even though I accept their time span(02:05 ~ 05:55)(but never agree), just 27 minitues of 8 hours(my trading time) involved in that time span, it is unfair and unreasonable getting rid of my all profit.

At lease they should pay my fair trading profit from 05:55 to 13:16 EST.

Therefore, I think this is a definite behaviour of scam and want to file a claim on your Dispute Resolution.

I searched J&K Futures(NFA ID 0320630) on your Website, unfortunately, however, I found following ;

- NFA Member withdrawn(10/27/2006)

- Current Status (Muhan Investment LLC)

. Principal Approved (03/07/2008)

. NFA Associate member pending (02/28/2008)

As you can see, the J&K is not a NFA member now and about to close their business if the new company Muhan Investment LLC begins their business.

They said J&K have partnership with Muhan, and I guess J&K would change their company name and the CEO.

Therefore they will continue their business with different company name and concerned director board.
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J&k/ill Kang

BASIC Details
File a complaint with NFA.
But it seems there membership is only pending.
You should check brokers info on NFA site before depositing money.
Only for futures though FX it doesn't matter you'll get nothing.
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