Scam on MT5 with Locus martket int ltd


Lt. Colonel
Hi, I am using mt5 for trade. I deposited an amount of money to Locus market int ltd. Now, I want to withdraw my money but they said I could not because of suspicion of money laudering so I need to deposit 3 times money to prove (I deposited only 200$ so why I need to do money laundering). Is that broket legitimate? Does they have that right so I need to do it? If it is none of their business, can you investigate and remove them from list of brokers to avoid scam brokers?
Do not pay anything to them. Ask them, how your account get suspicious for money laundering?


Please post more info and all links so Senior member can assist easier with all details as I checked that website and that website is a scam,,, the links do not work .. No registration numbers or contact details.

I cannot even open an account there to test

Thank You
They already created a new website to lure more people, you can easily search for them :(((


Master Sergeant
You should NEVER have to deposit more money to get your own money out...huge red flag. I wouldn't give them another dime. You may not see the $200 you invested, but at least that stops you from losing more. You also may want to look into fund recovery, but it may not be worth it for a smaller amount of money.