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Hello, please help me A Chinese girl wrote to me 3 months ago, It was a normal friendly correspondence Then he told me that he would help me in foreign exchange trading, And registered on this platform:, He helped me finish the trade profitably, I re-withdrawn $ 400 from this platform and transferred it to my binance wallet without any problems, I then transferred more money to the trading platform eightprime-fx, The girl helped me earn more money though I could not make it out, As I found out it was a fraudulent scheme, They stole my $ 4780 in enrollment and about $ 7,300 in "wins" Total $ 12051.88, As I found out the girl who was helping me was a participant in this fraudulent scheme, In fact he wanted to use me to bring in more money, And so it happened she used me,
I do not know how to act, I registered, it used MT5 platform to trade, However when I won the money and wanted to withdraw it, The site administration did not allow me to do this and for a false reason it scored itself, Please see the pictures and Helph me, I dont know what to do They misappropriated my money 4780$ enrollment.
eightprime-fx is Scam platform.
I live in Georgia, I do not know what to do from here, I do not have enough money to hire a lawyer.
Please if anyone can help me please contact me
FPA Forums Team Note: Publicly publishing your contact info will get you dozens of offers "guaranteed" to help. These will all be from scammers who want to steal more money from you.
Thank You


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pls see photos


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It is a scam. Stop sending any money and start to file all the necessary report. File a police report, then work with your bank if they asked you to wire the money. Post all the accounts they asked you to transfer to

The chances of getting the money back is very low now. Just stop sending any money to them
I stopped transferring money and they blocked me and they withdrew my full amount.
I live in Georgia, it makes no sense to apply to the police.
Are there no help centers or a free lawyer?
Or where is the address of this fraudulent platform located?
Chinese girl who connected to Whatsapp He had these numbers: +852 5699 4436‬; +852 6953 2773 These numbers belong to Hong Kong
I am really frustrated and unhappy by reading all the online girls scamming, How you can invest money with just a few days of talking with random girls, how?
I am really frustrated and unhappy by reading all the online girls scamming, How you can invest money with just a few days of talking with random girls, how?
Sometimes, it just caught you off guard. I’m reading this story now and it seems really stupid. They just lured you in. Mine even did FaceTime and talked on the phone on a daily basis to gain your trust. It’s just after they stole everything from you that you started to noticed things you didn’t notice before. It’s a very well played psychological game. Not everyone falls in it but the ones that do, have their story.

I’m glad that these people are getting exposed more now, going to a dating sites and you can see all of them. It is just like roaches, so hard to get rid off. Hopefully, the government propose more policies on trading platforms and go after MetaQuote and do a thoroughly investigation on their business practice.
How curious. Doing a search on the net, I found this topic.

I encountered the same situation as the original poster several weeks ago. A Chinese girl with a number starting with +852 also contacted me through a dating service. We rapidly switched to WhatsApp.

The story is good with strong support. I suppose there's a lot of personal elements, or she must have learned her lesson well. She proposed to video chat. Everything was OK. Then she proposed to help gain money through Forex trading (XAUUSD).

She proposed to create a Demo account with MT5. Broker was eightprime-fx.
She always had good informations that ensure you to make a profit.

Rapidly, she proposed to create a real account, helping you in everything.

When you take a look at the gold spot, you see this on MT5 connected to eightprime:

IMG_6062 (1).jpeg

I think the ".e" is dedicated to eightprime.

When you trade, if you check the gold trading chart, at the very moment of the trade, you curiously see a difference between eigthprime's chart, and the real chart. They must have a routine to falsify the gold spot price and the chart, to let you believe you made a profit.

The method is very appealing, and leads you to invest more. I think when they're sure you won't invest more, they're blocking your account and take your money. There's no real profit.

It's an interesting concept...

If you check the website, the contact page shows a gmail address... WTF!!! :rolleyes:

If you do a whois on, the registrar is and creation date is 2021-07-29T21:45:28Z. No address, no phone number. :rolleyes:

If you check when the company was created in GB, you fin this :
Eight Prime Global Limited was incorporated as Private limited Company on 31 March 2021, with address Chase Business Centre, 39-41 Chase Side, London, United Kingdom, N14 5BP. The company's SIC is 64999 - Financial intermediation not elsewhere classified. and the status of this company is Active now.
Eight Prime Global Limited has been oporating for 9 months, and 8 days.

So I think everything is clear about them.

Before getting into this kind of trap, man need to think before. There're never been easy money. It's necessary to check for EVERYTHING in this kind of situation.