1. May 9, 2016. I appealed to the Esplanade Market Solution company to make an explanation concerning zeroing of my means. On what I did not receive any answers.

2. On May 9 I also wrote the letter, with an explanation of all situation.

3. On August 1 read news that such victims as I much. From here I can claim that this fraud has mass character.

4. For August 1, 2016, I on the deposit had 599 dollars of the USA, is closer by August 12, on my deposit there are -4400 dollars of the USA though I did not carry out any actions on the deposit.

5. After my investigations, I understood that PriorFX and Esplanade Market Solution are affiliated

6. First letter to two companies. November 15, 2016.

7. I receive the letter on November 15, 2016. From Evgeniy Danishkin, in purely Russian. Though the company, on the website do not serve clients in Russian.

8. On November 16, 2016, at once I receive the answer from an esplanade though before they completely ignored my letters

9. After my first letter, on the website of the company the design and ayp of the address of the websites begins to change at once. Though to mine 10. On November 29, 2016, I write the second letter

11. On December 1 I receive the answer from an esplanade.

12. On December 7 I receive the answer from приорфкс

13. On December 20, 2016, I write the 3rd letter

14. On January 12, 2016 I receive the answer from an esplanade


Life is so much simpler if people upload copies of emails and .png or .jpg. Those can be opened inside the forums without an issue. PDFs have to be downloaded and then opened externally.

Any chance you can redo those 12 files as jpg or png?