SCAM Warning .. GTMFX


Hi everyone,

I used to help people to refund their money from scam companies and lately i got a victim of new scam company name GTMFX. is fake company start scamming people since 2014 using fake registry they made it by creating fake registry website they name it !!! and gave themselves a registration number. :D
here is the company link :

the victim paid using CASH U service (which is similar to PAY PAL service) around 9000 USD and they gave him MT4 account number 210890115.
the interesting thing that they deposit 13156 USD in his account instead of 9000 USD and gave him 100 USD "BONUS" which jumped the total amount to 132500 USD !!! don't ask me from where this 119244 USD came!!!! i don't know. :confused:
the account was managed by the company itself and they made 2 positions only with total profit 4805 USD , which raised the total amount to 400000 USD !!! again .. i don't know how .. :confused:
as the statement shows that they withdraw 550461 USD from the account .. again .. i dont know where this amount came from!! :( please find the attached statement.

Now .. GTMFX ask the victim to pay 50000 USD to give him the total amount!! hhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

i am here just to warn people from this company.
please BE CAREFUL ..



Simple rule. If a company asks for a deposit as a requirement to make a withdrawal, it's a scam. The ONLY exception would be if there was a minimum withdrawal amount that you agreed to before making the initial deposit and the amount in your account is less than that.