I have since April 2020 been scammed by the following companies:

- Askemarket
- Inter Media Ltd.
- CFG-Trades
- Team North Partners Ltd

Here is my story:

account manager:
Whatsapp: +44 7789 635515
In the spring of 2020 I was contacted by London based Eddie Norton from CFG-Trades and tricked into opening a CFD-trading account. I invested 250 Euros. Everything looked great and I was skillfully tricked into investing more money in order to earn more money. I was called once a day at least and chatted on Whatsap and by email with my account manager mr James Broz also located in London. However, suddenly my account was in danger due to a few bad trades and I had to invest more. Which I sadly did as we agreed on a large withdrawal before the end of November. Instead of me withdrawing the money as agreed I never heard from mr James Broz or any of his colleges ever again.

account manager: Morgan Lucaze
Financial department:
Phone number: +357 2200 7071
In October after 2-3 weeks of hearing nothing and together with my account and web browser MT4 platform vanishing off the internet I was called by a new broker mr Morgan Lucaze from Cyprus based Askemarket. He told me that they had recovered my account and that we would continue as before with him as my account manager. To my relief my account was reactivated at and I was able to grow the account and clear off bad trades. I started using the MT4 as an own app. Mr Morgan Lucaze also promised me that I could withdraw the money in accordance with what we had agreed on with mr James Broz. However, I had to first deposit money into my account in order for Askemarket to pay 21,4% tax on my behalf to the Cyprus government. I did the deposit but after I did I never heard from him or his colleges ever again. I have a phone number that I have been able to call at Askemarket. The receptionist, answering "pronto", is very friendly and helpful and claims she has forwarded my messages to my account manager mr Morgan Lucaze and mr Robert Kozak from the financial department.

Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Bank account: Malta
Inter Media Ltd connects to both CFG-Trades and Askemarket because of information on both their websites. Inter Media Ltd was also the main receiving company to where the money was transferred (Malta). On my MT4 the Navigator window shows Inter Media MT4 at the top.

company number 12904164
Address: 71-75 Shelton Street Covent Garden
London WC2H 9JQ United Kingdom
Owner: Mr Savvas Zoumides
My MT4 account is subordinated TeamNorthPartners-Real which is subordinated Inter Media MT4. I was told that it is some sort of "server" that is being used for the trading on MT4.

Since my account manager at Askemarket mr Morgan Lucaze, the owner and director of Team North Partners Ltd mr Savvas Zoumides and the telephone number to Askemarket starting with the Cyprus country code +357 I started my investigation through the Cyprus consulate here in Finland where I live. They replied that Askemarket or its domain is not based in Cyprus and that the telephone number is not a number in use in Cyprus. Only link to Cyprus is mr Savvas Zoumides and that I need to start a criminal investigation through the police which I will do next. I have talked to my bank and they are working on investigating the bank accounts for the money transfers. Inter Media Ltd is since September 2020 black listed and blocked in Italy through the domain Probably the reason they had to scrap that domain and start with Askemarket. I know that it is of upmost importance for the scammers to have a clean record here at the web because all investors will google the companies involved. I did so too but there was absolutely no negative information available back then on CFG-Trades or Inter Media Ltd. This will change now since a quick google search will bring them to this site and to my scam warning. Hopefully nobody will fall for these scammers again.

There is a slight chance that this is not a fraud and that Askemarket / Inter Media Ltd will step forward and settle this case. In such case I will of course withdraw all my claims but now I will file an official criminal report and have Interpol investigate this case properly and hopefully these scammers will end up in jail. The most ironic thing is that we actually would have made money since my account, even with deliberately opened bad trades, shows great profit and has nearly doubled in value. Imagine what would have been possible with a legit broker? And I had investors lined up by the dozens... why be a scam broker if you can run an honest profitable business.

None of the persons involved used real names or nationalities. They basically lied about everything.

reg, FFFX

The Punisher

Askemarket was flagged in China as not regulated or registered, essentially a fraud website. As for Inter Media there is a reason they list an address in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (i.e. no Forex regulations there). Further below is the IP and hosting information for their website. The website for Askemarket was created in May 2020. Ill see what other information I can dig up on these scammers.



Hosting and IP info for Askemarket


The Punisher

The terms and conditions for this company are technically illegal. Number two states that just by visiting the website you irrevocably agree to all terms posted which is a complete trap. You cannot force someone into a contractual obligation by visiting a website especially when you are not a customer and have not agreed to any form of goods or services to be provided. Essentially they are trying to make anyone who visits the site indemnify them for any/all actions. Since they are committing fraud the terms are not even worth the virtual paper they are written on.


The Punisher

OMG, what do I do now.....
You need to start filing complaints with the Futures and Securities Commissions in your country, the police department, etc. Start to document all of your evidence and be thorough and concise in the reports you file. The road to recovery is long but there is a chance to be successful. Most people give up and walk away so you need to make a decision if you are willing to fight for your money. If yes, it will be a difficult road and take time but it is possible to track these people down.

What is the total value of your loss? Who is listed as the beneficiary on the bank accounts where you wired funds (i.e. the scammers, not your info)?