Scammed by Axi Trader.


All my accounts have been closed out. Dont understand why even though my positions were hedged. And it always happens to me over the weekend when maket reopens. More than 150K gone in total. Customer Service can't do anything instead lecturing me over the phone. What kind of service is this? Is this company even regulated? The only good point about this company are both depositing and withdrawal doesn't have any issues. The rest are nonsense. Closed out my positions as and when they wished. Even with more than 700% margin available. Can anyone please advice me how to recover my losses. I am located in singapore.


2nd Lieutenant
Instead of panicking, the first step is to gather complete evidence:

--> Starting with complete account statement for each of your accounts. Different ways to generate these statements are here:

--> Any emails / live chat correspondence with support? Did you record any/all voice conversations?

--> Also, did you fully understand the business model of the brokerage in use? Suggest you brush up on the different models here:

--> which branch of AxiTrader did you open your account with? it would be in your account opening email.