Scammed By CFDstockscom


I am not very sure how things work with this kind of thing.
I was coerced over a few weeks in August by a very clever trickster working for they also used the name AAoptions. As a result and also due to having a sever hearing loss from an illness I have had for a while now. I am ashamed to say I am now down £5,750.00 and am having to sell my car which is needed for attending a lot of hospital appointments where I am receiving constant treatments. I got sucked into these peoples vacuum which I can not even get the money back to the credit cards it came from in the first place. The whole episode has caused my family & I into dispare we don't know what way to turn. I was advised to some to the FPA by Binary Option Sheriff to see what can be done if anything.

First, contact your credit card's issuing bank to see if their fraud department will support a chargeback. If they won't, you can ask WinChargeback if they can assist.
Thanks Pharaoh for answering my request for help.
I am waiting on both credit cards getting back to me.
I'm not very hopeful but I think because of the manner of CFD behaviour and are totally Ignoring me the C Card companies should be treating it as a scam & unlawful.
I'm sorry but unless I have read the terms of the lawyer on the WinChargeback part of your website wrongly with the amount being not much over the £5000.00 take on mark that there would not be much left after everyone would be paid. I know every one needs to be paid for their work. The cheats & scammers win again. Regards M.P.H
The last time I checked, WinChargeback costs about $100 up front and charges 30% for success (all taxes included). If your bank rejects you, then all you risk is $100. If the entire £5000 is returned, you would get to keep £3500. 70% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

So, it's well worth it to try a DIY chargeback, but if you fail and then try WinChargeback, you could still end up with a large percent of your money back.
Thank you Pharaoh,
You are right I possibly took it up wrongly.
£3500 is better than nothing.
I have sent off another set of screenshots & proof to The Barclaycard.
So I will wait & see what they say.
Thanks for your help
Good luck with the DIY chargeback. Keep the thread updated so everyone can see how the chargeback attempts go.
Hi Pharaoh

Got the long awaited letter from BOI. Typically as I suspected and after all the evidence I sent them they are following rules set down by Visa and MasterCard they have no dispute rights in this case. They recommend I contact the merchant and try to directly resolve the dispute. I would suspect Barclaycard will say the same. They just don't get it. The Merchant being CFD stocks will not make contact when I plead with them to appoint an account manager or even anyone who will call or email me.
Has anyone ever decided to close an account with a Binary Option Broker & walk away with their total investment? I at this stage would if I thought I could get away with it getting the right help forfit the £14,000.00 left in the account if I could retrieve my £5,750.00 initial investment.
Many binary brokers are 100% deposit only. They've already got your deposit in as profit for them on their balance sheet. The servers are not connected to LPs, so any profits are just demo money.

If the bank can't or won't help, then it's time to consider biting the bullet and seeking professional help. So far, WinChargeback as the best record I know of for this.