Scammed by FXMineTrade


FXMineTrade is a scam. I was scammed over $2500.

People must be really careful of this company.


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They promised me account management through the binary options and advised me to send bitcoin to their wallet. After that the account manager asked me to register online on their website After two days that manager advised me to upgrade for $600 so that I won't experience difficulties during cash out. After 7 days the manager asked me to pay Iencription fee of $500 after that he said the lastpayment is IRS of $750 it's an obligation oherwise I won't be able to cash out. After paying that he said my amount has been frozen because I took long to pay. To reactivate the account I need to pay a once of fee of $500 which I did not pay & realise by then that this is a scam. This has affected me badly because I had to borrow money from the bank with the hope of paying back after cash out which never happened. This was very stupid of me because all signs were there.
The initial fee which was suppose to be my minimum investment was $400 which was the first payment made to the company.
Lol at all this for sure, you should never go with some manager advising you to deposit more so you can cash out really anyway. IT was basically not that all signs but one clear big sign not to deal with them anymore and completely out there.