Scammed by JinLong Tech Brokerage


I was scammed out of $76,000 USD by this broker. I met this guy on tinder and he convinced me to invest in this brokerage. He told me that the only way to deposit money into this broker was by buying cryptocurrency (which prevents me now from doing a bank charged back).
Everything was great and I allegedly made $221, 198 USD in profits. I found out that this is a scam when I tried to withdraw $5k USD and the broker rejected my request stating that I needed to pay 10% of my account balance before I can withdraw. Why would I pay almost $30k to withdraw 5k?
it doesn’t make sense!
that’s when I decided to do some research and find out that this is a scam. Jinlong has a scam ring all over the east coast right now. I later found a few other guys on tinder trying to do the same thing and scam me.

I know I should’ve done my research before I gave anyone money but that’s how they got me. Since I was not sending the money directly to the guy (I was sending it to a “brokerage”), I felt more safe. Also, I didn’t send all money at once, I sent it through out the course of time and saw my profits increase which made it more believable.
I deposited all my savings, borrowed money and took a small loan to collect all this money. I’m in so much debt and about to hit rock bottom.

I have no idea what to do since I cannot go to my bank. Someone recommended to use the and
I literally have no money and I’m afraid of falling into another scam.

did anybody ever recover their funds from Jinlong? if yes, can you tell me how?
Can someone please help me out?
Woah man, I'm so sorry - that's absolutely awful :(
I wish you all the best of luck in overcoming this, but I don't have any advice I'm afraid.
I'm sorry.