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Hi, sure.

I would like to highlight that this is not a comprehensive resource ... these crooks can easily find new pictures for fake profiles.
if it helps, I would like to share their strategy from my observation and news reports:

#1: fake profile + love bombing ( within 1week, he would be chatting to me on the same frequency / intensity of a well-known friend / almost boyfriend)
#2: asking me lots of questions (to find out which approach would work best on me)
#3: dropping hints of how good he’s at investments / how he built his fortune etc, and how he had a mentor guiding him
#4: once he felt he had your trust, he would move in to bait you (e.g. there is a great investment opportunity tonight) and he could teach you.
#5: when I didn’t respond to #4, he began to change tactic, pulling a very well scripted sad love story (you would be able to tell it’s scripted because it’s a very very long paragraph and that’s just not normal in chats... no one types like this. Crook just copy/paste the whole thing. Attached please see the chat messages). From news reports, the criminal organisation had internal script manuals for different types of victims there is something for everyone. Attached screenshots of these manuals from news.

From the limited news reports I , real life cases include :
Case #1: the crook said that he wanted to make money so he could build a future / buy a house with the victim. The victim ended up not only pouring in her savings but upon crook’s emotional blackmails, got desperate enough to take out loans... at the end, she lost over US$130...

Case #2: the crook added the victim’s wechat “by mistake” but wanted to make a new friend since fate brought them together. Pretty sure, the woman who was married, was regularly chatting to crook and telling him everything, including her fights with husband. After a particularly bad fight with husband, the crook dangled the lure of “financial independence”, “getting her own house where she could hide away from husband when things aren’t well”.
she got some small wins in the beginning, then once she really went in, she started losing money and the “broker” told her she needed to inject more fund to become some VIP to withdraw as her fund dropped below a certain threshold.
In short, she lost a lot of money and even took out loans to meet this “threshold” The worst thing was she couldn’t even bring herself to tell her husband that she lost their savings (and some more)... this woman lived in a city where people generally earned around US$300 - 400 a month and the hole she got in was over US$ 13K. Links below (I forgot which one has this story but both cover this topic)

Yes this might work in Asia countries but same tactics just a bit of different method to the western countries. It’s a psychological game that they know how to play well.

Thanks for sharing. I believe the more we tell their strategies, the more people are aware of it.

They made a lot of money out from this covid which is a shame.


Same story...
My roommate was chatting with a guy named Cassel (Chinese name is different of course) from Hong Kong, who is trading gold(XAU/USD) on Metatrader 4 platform and he convinced her to start trading as well, so she started with $7,000 in October. Everything went smooth, he’s helping to gain profit, when balance was 10x of her principal she withdrew $1,000 and $2,000 before November 3, 2020 so I also decided to start. He suggested via Banxa to deposit, which didn’t work for me, so I asked wire information and Jinlong gave me a private JP Morgan Chase bank account(attached) so I wired $4,200 first and later $1,200 via CashApp bitcoin. When my total fund was $14,500 I sent a withdrawal request, they rejected and requested 10% tax, which I paid $1,500 by bitcoin via CashApp on December 1, 2020 but rejected again as they want 20% more a handling fee within one week otherwise my account is going to be frozen. So I canceled my withdrawal request and just keeping it “active” by trading daily a little bit. My roommate was also asked to pay 10% for further withdrawal, so we decided to start with mine first which didn’t work. Even if I send them more 20% fee, I don’t think I will be able to withdraw after reading all threads about them. That scammer guy’s phone number is +1 (587) 418-0657 (has whatsapp and telegram and uses Google translate), stopped responding me when I got suspicious of his words and demanded Jinlong to provide any official document where it states when and how much is the so called fees and taxes they just ignored of course. I see there are lots of Jinlong’s victims, I believe together we can find a solution soon and be able to withdraw at least our principal, as I believe even if the broker is scam, trade was on Metatrader 4, which is a legit platform.

Btw, does Metatrader 4 provide any assistance to deal with such scam brokers?

And what are the further steps to destroy this scheme?

P.S. I have all of the conversations with Customer service, Fin.department and wire details from my bank account.
Did you get your money back after paying all the stupid fees? They asked to pay 10% of handling fee but I have not pay yet and I don't think I will pay.


How I can share my story I already prepare report Toronto Police Department, Canada, Canadian State Anti-Fraud Center, China Consulate and Goverment, China State Trade commissioner Service (TCS), Hong Kong Police Force Anti-Deception Coordination Center, Hong Kong Police Force, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Internet Crime Complaint Center.

Girls please!!!!! respond to me, if there will be more of us and there will be details, maybe we will change the situation. I’m from Toronto.
Do you have wechat? Same situation and we are in Toronto.

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If you are from Toronto please make sure to file a report with the Ontario Securities Commission.