Scammed by legALbitcoinmining

I’ve tried logging in and I can’t I don’t know what to do the account is also reviewed as scam please help!
Any word back from emailing them?

How did you send the money? If by credit or debit card, you can have a long talk with the card's issuing bank about a chargeback.
i sent it the money through bitcoin

That's a worst case scenario. Although there are thousands of "recovery experts" who will offer to help, Bitcoin transactions are not reversible. Those offering to help recover your stolen cryptos really just want to steal more money from you.

What you can do is file reports. If your country has cyberpolice, give them every detail, especially the address of the wallet you sent your BTC to. in the US allows reports of cyberfraud from around the world - and shares those with police and regulators around the world.