Scammed by PFX-Bank


Hi, Im Haroon, I've known online trading for a few years now and I've been trading with a little money and getting a bit of profits out of it.
So Friday, 10th March, I recieved a call from a broker from Prime FX, they explained me what I do, At first i didn't trust them but i dont know what got in my head but i started doing it. I created an account on there website and deposited 200€ to start off. My broker called me 4 times that day and he said he'll be on with me for sometime and help me to operate in the market.

After i deposited, He said they'll call me from london to validate and after everything was validated, on monday I tried calling my broker but i couldnt get to him. I tried calling the number provided on their website but i didnt get attended by anyone. Ever since my money got deposited, they just abandoned me. No calls, No msgs, no emails.

I've been trying to withdraw the money but it doesn't work. there online chat doesnt work. Im almost 100% sure that maybe its a fake website?

I saw a post from some related to pfx-bank but he seemed to have resolved the issue but me, I so far have not recieved any, literally any contact in 10 days.

I've tried everyway to get my money back but they are ignoring all the msgs and calls and my brokers have abandoned me as well.

Forgot to mention that I got a call afterwards from another person. he was also a broker, He asked me to send documents and everything to an email, This included my credit card information so I didnt do it because my documents were already validated.

he called again, same day in the evening, I asked him to help me withdraw the money but he said that I will have to deposit more money to be able to do that. And He kept convincing me to deposit atleast another 200€ then he'll help me to withdraw. I didnt put anymore money though.

Im 100% sure that i got scammed, But seeing another one got his money back, Maybe i can hope i get em back too. so any advice or any guidline on what to do?

I really appreciate if u take time to read and suggest me something. Have a great day and peace out!
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yeah probably a scam, if its regulated and true with their operation, any concerns must be done correctly for their clients.


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Never buy anything from someone who cold calls you. It only encourages telemarketers. Good investments and good products never need to cold call.

Leave them a nice, shiny 1 Star review here:

Have a chat with the fraud/abuse department at your credit card's issuing bank. Explain how promises are being broken and how your ability to withdraw your funds isn't working as expected. Ask about a chargeback.