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Now you did correct :)
Hello guys,

Up to yesterday, my account was stopped and the funds were "available", since today they started moving my funds and already lost +5000€.
I can't close trades or make any withdraw request.

Just a quick update, I've been calling UproFX every single day and they don't answer my calls.
I've sent an email saying that my account is being misused and someone is using my account without my consente and they repied with "someone will contact you soon". This was 3 days ago, and so far no contact.
My account is still running with incredible losses on each trade they did without my permission.

Time is running out and I feel there's nothing I can do, FBI did not get back to me and Ombudsman flew from the case.
I've sent all invites, via webchat, and via email to all emails they have available.[/QUOT
UproFx has new victims day by day together with their brand KontoFx and KayaFX! A tip that you can register them with and their whistblower. Have checked out these German and Austrian law firms and they are legal who they use. They currently have around 15 processes, against different Binary Option scams, and there is no requirement to make a notification, but one can make a whistblower report to warn others and at best it can be a class action by the time if there is a bigger group of victims. Some of the leadership has been put into custody, some are still on the run.
This will never end. Further discoveries with Uprofx.Not only do they appear to be a brand from KontoFx and KayaFx. Are they also linked to the Bealgo-Algotech fraud? Yes the map will certainly grow over time. Bluetrading seems to be sitting in the same boat?
Hello all,

No one was able to help my case, I’ve lost all my funds and I’ve finally given up.

I’ve contacted the police in Estonia, UK and Portugal, no one helped or even got back to me.
Ombudsman said they couldn’t help and I should contact the FBI.

The FBI never got back to me.

I hope these guys get what they deserve soon.

Thank you all for your efforts on helping.
Hi there, I submit my personal details and deposit 250 euros. I did make some trade. After few week, them call me and told me I have debt on the account and need me to clear the debt. If not I will get legal action
After I make deposit to make sure account don't have any debt amount and them don't let me close the account. What should i do? Or even the debt I don't need to clear?
There are already a legal action against those UproFX , KontoFX, KayaFx,Tradorax and their new opened Olympia Markets. Read the thread and you will get the information .