Scammer from Hongkong/ MT5 Traders - Jimmy Global Ltd

Thank you.. I've been chatting on IG also another guy named Kyle who looks like Korean but has Chinese name (hahaha) and he asked me my number in WhatsApp (the we chatted on WhatsApp I googled it came from South Korean.. then he brought me to line chat. He thought me about crypto and then when he had gain my trust I said I'll follow him then. One thing clinged my brain... He show me a non-legit international cryptocurrency platform website which is which I googled it and find that is not legit. I still asked him explaination and he directed me to mt5 ... Then he told me to register by the link then I clicked and the address I found I googled it and that brought me here. So I haven't been scammed, but this guy seemed to be the same person with the same M.O. thank you for sharing.