Scared of scam - BForex


What can i do, i have join bforex company before i no of this group
How real is this company and what do you advise i do
Its up to you that what you are going to choose BUT I can suggest you to check FPA review page of bforex and ongoing complaint at scam folder. You can also check those thread by simply click on bforex tag.
I've moved this thread to Scam Alerts.

Please provide more details about how you were scammed.
I deposit 180USD and after i open some position which come with alot of profit, my account manager said i can not close the position because i need more money to close the position which i did with another 180USD, after some days i was told to open more position which the loss is greater than the profit, and i was unable to close the posetion because i need to deposit more money again to close the position which i can't afford and my account manager says my account is at risk that i will lost everything both the profit i made and the capital
You are in profit and need more money to close positions? That's total BS designed to get you to deposit more. Profit or loss, you should always be able to close open positions.

1. No matter what, don't send these scammers another cent. Right now, the worst case is you lose $180. If you add any money, they'll just demand more and more money.

2. How and when did you deposit?