Scoundrels vs. Scammers

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I was chatting with the Supreme Admin about a couple of incidents. One was a company owner that I'd caught leaving a fake negative review for a competitor. One was a company that decided to spam the FPA again. They did this after I did them a favor and removed a warning from their review page about a previous spam incident.

I wanted a new way to highlight people and companies that just don't seem to get the message about unacceptable behavior.

I've blocked new threads in this folder. If you have an issue with a company, please post about it in the company's discussion thread. Those are easy to find for all reviewed companies - just got to the review page and follow the discussion link. If it's a serious issue, please start a thread in the Scam Alerts Folder. Please don't hijack threads in the Scoundrel's folder to talk about other candidates for the titles of scammer or scoundrel.

This folder I'm saving for special cases. I'll write the introductory post or will ask some writing addict to do it for me. Once a scoundrel is highlighted, you'll be able to reply in the thread.
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Another category of scoundrel

I've had a pair recent email exchanges with outside companies over the deplorably unethical conduct of a two FPA members. These were not scammers who created accounts for a bad purpose. These were active FPA members who have committed disgraceful actions.

The conduct of these two is so bad that I'm having to add a new category of scoundrel. These scoundrels are being dishonorably discharged from the FPA.

I hope that I never have to do this to anyone else.
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