Screen capture

al Pipo

Hi All,

Been trading a practice account with IBFX(my regular account was depleted) and just bought a anti-logger software.
Problem is that the software has been giving me a warning that IBFX's software has been trying to capture my screen.
Is this normal or a scam by IBFX to clean out my account by capturing my setups by betting against me and is this legal?
I smell a rat in all this and how many people are aware of this.
Assuming you haven't installed anything else (EAs, custom indicators and scripts) to your copy of MT4, I see two things to do.

1. Ask your anti-logger software company to investigate with an IBFX demo account and see if this could be a false positive.

2. Ask IBFX if they have any explanation.

IBFX already knows about all the trades (active and pending) on your MT4 screen, so I can't picture them needing screenshots for any purpose, good or bad. They'd have to sit around studying your trading technique to try to rig the market against you based on a handful of screenshots - not an easy task.