"Secret Millionaire Society" SCAM!


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I read a few forum posts of different complaints this one stood out, has anybody else been scammed or know of people scammed by these people, Tim Atkinson and Zak Maftah? They seem to be involved in many many different scams for traders.. I tony to join this thread and make a formal complaint on the FPA to try to save people from this binary options garbage affiliate scam...


"Hi my name is Tony and I feel I have been duped! I tried to close my account after 60% of it was gone in less then 2 days!?!? Banc De Binary my broker that I thought was suppose to be on my side just flat out said "NO!" to my withdrawal request tied to the secret millionaire society. I am really distraught to how much I lost and how fast. I was expecting to retire in a few months as they said I would easily make $15,000 to $25,000 a day or more! Instead I am left with 0 as Banc De Binary refused to even turn off this bot and worse I later see this video showing them to be a frauduct used on people like me new to trading. It is just so unfair. What should I do?"

Tony Gaffson "

Very said I told him to submit a formal complaint here as you see in that video how their scam works...