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I thought the United States Secret Service was just for protecting high ranking government officials and hunting counterfeiters. It seems they've opened a public safety branch and a cyber investigations branch.

The part of the that is of interest to traders and investors is:

As individuals and organized networks evolved and sought new ways to defraud the public, special agents and criminal investigators with the Secret Service have responded, applying their experience and expertise to preventing other financially motivated crimes such as illicit credit card schemes, fraudulent wire transfers, computer fraud and abuse, and, most recently, the illicit use of digital assets, including cryptocurrencies to facilitate crimes like ransomware attacks.


The U.S. Secret Service is committed to doing its part to safeguard the nation from illicit activity involving digital assets.

Although this could imply that the Secret Service only cares about victims in the USA, scammers have a poor record of respecting national boundaries. The same person scamming you may try to scam someone inside the US.

The Secret Service is less concerned with the type of online crime than the methods of payment. If you sent money to your scammer by bankwire or any type of cryptocurrency (including stablecoins or even national digital currencies, the Secret Service wants to know.

You won't need to fill out an only report to get started. Instead, the Secret Service asks people to call one of its field offices to report cyber crimes.

If you are in the USA, select the one closest to you. If you are overseas, pick one from the list.
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