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Security of Investment spam for www.worldenergycapital.com

Discussion in 'Spammers Hall of Shame' started by newman123, Jul 18, 2010.

  1. newman123

    newman123 Banned spammer for worldenergycapital.com

    Jul 18, 2010
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    This was spammed into the FPA's Daily Signals area. The purpose of this spam was to create a link to www.worldenergycapital.com

    Recession has made the global investors, too cautious about where to invest their money. They are not just searching for better profits now but also security of their funds. Investing in a territory has become a bit risky owing to this gloom in the market. That’s why it entails a great deal of research on the part of investors before investing, to ensure the safety of funds and higher returns.

    Among the newer ways of investment, the offshore investing is catching the attention of the global investor community. Offshore investment is the investment of funds in a territory outside the area of residence of the investor. Generally this territory is known as a jurisdiction. This jurisdiction has many desirable attributes which are not present in the investor’s country. These include lesser taxes and more safety. The jurisdictions usually have other attributes as well like a better political and legal framework, stability, reputation, electronic progressiveness etc.

    The offshore banking is known for its asset protection services, which are some of the best services of the world. The offshore accounts help the account holders to hold assets within these jurisdictions without the need of becoming citizens of the place. The opening of the offshore account can be done by opening an account or trust outside the country. The offshore account is also a great way of investment for all those who do not wish to reveal the true amount to the public and desire <a href= "http://www.worldenergycapital.com">investment security SPAM</a> . The bank offer complete confidentiality and secrecy to these customers.

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