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Secus Investment scammed me ($200) and FEP Investments Ltd scammed me ($150)

Discussion in 'Scam Alerts' started by Drsconcepts, Jun 16, 2009.


Are these HYIPs real or Scammers???

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  1. Drsconcepts

    Drsconcepts Recruit

    Jun 16, 2009
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    Please be informed that Messrs: Secus Investment and FEP Investments Ltd scammed me $200 and $150 respectively since 12th May, 2009.

    I have made desperate efforts to contact them but they refused to respond to my messages nor return my principal fund with the profits accrued so far.

    Kindly assists

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  2. Pharaoh

    Pharaoh Colonel

    Oct 3, 2007
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    You might want to fix your poll question. "are hyips real or scammers" isn't a Yes/No question. "Are HYIPS scammers?" would be a yes/no question.

    Of course, the asnwer to this would be YES.

    If HYIPS could really return the claimed results, we could solve the world financial crisis by having each country invest a few thousand dollars and waiting for a few months.

    Please read this before wasting a cent with any HYIPS:


    Remember, these things are only guaranteed to make money for the people running them.

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