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Help Wanted Seeking Fulltime FX Trader to Join Professional Trade Team

Discussion in 'Classifieds' started by ProFXI, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. ProFXI

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    Nov 8, 2008
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    Seeking Fulltime FX Trader to Join Professional Trade Team
    ProFXI LLC (profxi.com), a community-based subscription Forex service is
    seeking to hire a professional, fulltime Forex trader.

    ProFXI Vision and Mission Statement:
    To provide a prosperous trading community for the retail FX trader seeking consistent profitability, education, and risk management guidance under all market conditions.

    A brief history of ProFXI:
    ProFXI LLC was started in April of 2008. By the end of October 2008 the community was decimated and likely to cease operations. The ProFXI management team took drastic steps to return the subscription-based trading community back to consistent profitability. The head EUR/USD trader and team leader was relieved of his service and a new team arose to meet the challenges. The ProFXI name has been muddied for reasons that cannot be denied. With these new dramatic changes, the new ProFXI team has fortunately salvaged the community and is producing consistent profits on a daily and weekly basis.

    The new trade team took over operations on Wednesday, October 22, 2008. As of market close on Friday, November 7, 2008, the new trade team has banked 856 pips worth of open and closed trade calls. No open trades, no trades in drawdown, no hedge trades – all live trade calls made between 10/22 and 11/7 total +856 pips. The future of ProFXI is strong and will have longevity as long as a successful and productive team is leading the community. This is the future we see at ProFXI and this is the goal of the ownership, staff, and trade team at ProFXI.com.

    The ideal candidate:
    Currently at ProFXI there is a head EUR/USD trader and a head USD/JPY trader. This leaves open one position for a new head trader who is an expert in one of the following pairs. Please note: this list is in order of importance.
    1. GBP/JPY
    2. EUR/JPY
    3. GBP/USD
    4. AUD/USD
    5. USD/CAD

    Based on almost two-years of independent research, the majors and crosses listed above have been identified as the most popularly trade pairs among retail FX traders (excluding the EUR/USD and USD/JPY). The ideal candidate will be an expert in one of the pairs listed above and will bring profit-producing potential on one of those pairs.
    The ideal candidate – in-depth:
    Our ideal candidate to fill the open position should possess the following trader qualities:

    • Raw mental strength and mental stability
    • The ability to perform flawlessly under extreme pressure situations
    • Consistent profit-production abilities
    • Strong risk and money management disciplines
    • Possess a kind heart and has the mindset of wanting to help others succeed
    • Strong understanding of the underlying fundamentals that set trends in the FX market
    • Seeing limitless possibilities with not only the ProFXI community but with the FX market

    This is not an entry-level position. The mental game absolutely must be there. Trading the FX market fulltime and in front of the entire world, which is the essence of ProFXI, can be mentally challenging for even the strongest minds. The traders on the team are paid to perform and produce and to do it consistently, that is the bottom line.
    The ideal candidate must have developed their own system for how they view and trade the FX market and their particular pair. The team leader of the trade team is not concerned whether you use technicals, fundamentals, or both – the key factor is consistent profitability under all market conditions.

    A college degree is not required. Prior employment as a trader at a banking institution is not required. A college degree and prior trading experience mean little. We are more of a free-thinking European-style boutique and not the corporate trading types. A trader is only as good as their last trade. The ideal candidate should have “street smarts” and not necessarily the by-the-book answers and techniques to trading the FX market. Traders on the team are expected to be independent and free-thinking and not required to confirm to standards that are not profitable or make little logical sense.

    Although not a requirement, the ideal candidate should possess a spirit of humanity and philanthropy. The staff and team truly want to see traders succeed and prosper in the FX market. Adding a new trader that brings the positive energy of giving and kindness will greatly enhance our ability to fulfill our vision and mission statement.
    Salary will be based on how strong each candidate is and what talents they possess to bring profit-production to the loyal traders who are members of the ProFXI community.

    How to apply:
    ProFXI LLC is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based on age, race, religion, gender, or sexual orientation. All potential candidates are encouraged to apply. Each application will be carefully reviewed and responded to by a staff member. In order to get through the application process, each candidate must apply with the following: Cover letter that tells us about who you are. Resume. Letter of reference from an individual who can vouch for your trading abilities – they will be called by the team leader.
    To apply, send those three things to: moderator@profxi.com.
  2. ProFXI

    ProFXI Recruit

    Nov 8, 2008
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    The amount of applicants we have received is overwhelming but we urge people to continue applying. Please email resumes and questions to moderator@profxi.com. Thank you to all participants!

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