Sharing what I have learned


Hi there,

I have been tinkering with forex for +10 years.

Now I am in retirement I have the time to a stronger commitment.

My proposal is to teach my method on Zoom for a fee and lease my EA at the heart of the system on the basis of a yearly subscription...

I do not run the EA fully automated but make the entry calls based on seeing certain criteria met.

Would this sort of arrangement be of interest?

I would imagine taking on folks already familiar with MT4.

My EA is a swing Trader that sets up hedge trades across several pairs simultaneously.

I am averaging about +20% a month with 5%DD absolute max DD is 10% but this is rare.

I would like to think a trading community might develop out of this and we can help each other to maximise performance.

Is this of interest or am I dreaming?

Comments appreciated.


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