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I would like to see the overall statistics of such a trading strategy.
I mean that I don't trust the words, I need to see the numbers in order to understand whether the game is worth the candle or not. I feel that everyone should be extremely suspicious to some trading strategies or different courses because there is lots of scam on the forex market. More than that, it is hard to say how much money I can spend on this course without saying the trading results which were achieved by your strategy. If the results are quite stable and consistent, then you can earn a lot on this whole topic, but are they consistent?
I see fit in buying some strategy or a robot if I see the long-term results only, but if it is a matter of several months or a year, then I wouldn't invest in that. Perhaps, it would be better for me to work on my personal trading strategy and make it better and better, because of the fact that I know it perfectly well and it coincides with my personality and perception of the market.
Spot on.


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Fair enough,,,

In terns of numbers - what would be acceptable?

That time frame, what mode, demo or live, forward or backtest?

What target profitability would be acceptable?

Should I set up a demo on MyFXBook that you can see working as a forward test - for how long?


It can be of interest if you manage to prove that your ideas can make the profits.
I mean that there are so many so-called gurus who try to sell their bs which doesn't really work. That is why I think that the best thing a trader should do before buying some courses is to make sure that a person which offers their consulting/teaching services should prove that their ideas and approach can make the profits.


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Well one of the most important things I have learned is that it is not about maximising profit but managing risk.


Hi there,

I have been tinkering with forex for +10 years.

Now I am in retirement I have the time to a stronger commitment.

My proposal is to teach my method on Zoom for a fee and lease my EA at the heart of the system on the basis of a yearly subscription...

I do not run the EA fully automated but make the entry calls based on seeing certain criteria met.

Would this sort of arrangement be of interest?

I would imagine taking on folks already familiar with MT4.

My EA is a swing Trader that sets up hedge trades across several pairs simultaneously.

I am averaging about +20% a month with 5%DD absolute max DD is 10% but this is rare.

I would like to think a trading community might develop out of this and we can help each other to maximise performance.

Is this of interest or am I dreaming?

Comments appreciated.
Sounds good. Your EA is more like an indicator. It does not take decision by itself but helps traders take trading decision. Since you have been doing well, most probably it is a good EA, which may help many traders earn money consistently. Thanks for letting us know.


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I have two EA's I use out of a total of 9 coded so far.

They are much more than just indicators.

If I share and EX4 - can someone reverse engineer and discover the compiled code?