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ShowFx World in Moscow, 2-3 April 2011

Discussion in 'Press Releases' started by f-man, Mar 20, 2011.

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    ShowFX World пїЅ is fully presented across all over the world. ShowFX World events unite huge number of professionals of forex-community under its brand. At present the list of the basic places of conducting of exhibitions and seminars from ShowFX World includes all largest cities, however the list will be constantly extend. However Moscow already is an obligatory city for conducting meetings of Financial markets participants.

    Moscow пїЅ is a major financial centre in Russia and control centre of the great part of the national economy. So, for example, about half of banks from among registered in Russia is concentrated in Moscow. Besides, major part of the largest companies is registered and has headquarters in Moscow though their manufacture can be located for thousand kilometers from it.

    In 2007 the turn of retail trade made 2040,3 bln rbl. (growth in relation to 2006 пїЅ 105,1 %), the turn of wholesale trade made 7843,2 bln rbl. (growth by 2006 пїЅ 122,3 %), volume of paid services rendered to population пїЅ 815,85 bln rbl. (these are 24 % from volume of services in all Russia).

    The size of MoscowпїЅs budget is comparable with the budgets size of many average states. For example, in 2006 incomes of consolidated budget of Ukraine made 171,8 bln hryvnia that is approximately equal 855 bln rbl., and Moscow incomes were equal 800,8 bln rbl. Budget of Moscow in 2008 was equal to the budget of New York in 2007; it is expected that budgets of two cities will become evqual in 2012.

    For more information:

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