Sibali takes GCI Financial to Court and Wins


What a sad story...for some triumph over some no good hearted broker....bravo Simbali.
This is great news for everyone especially newcomers like myself. Wouldn't it be great if FPA could set up it's own legal system where members can pay a small monthly fee that could cover cases like this if it ever occurs again.

Many members don't have the kind of money they need to take companies like GCI to court, but if they had a legal system that they could pay in to that will cover their cost, that'd be a big help.

Just like car insurance companies have.

I personally feels, we need something like this to help us to combat scammers like GCI.

Well done Sibali.

Ken Nairne (Plymouth UK)
Ken , not a bad idea. Lets go further and burn them at the Stake. Sell the video and use the proceeds to help fund your idea. I am serious - BTW.:mad:

It's really sad what happened there. What are the authorities doing when they were reported the matter and yet no action was initiated? These authorities are equally responsible.
The scammer are only lucky that they don't operate in madurai, india and other similar places in India where there's plenty of money for any broker but the entire system works on pure faith. Defaulters are killed on streets , not taken to court and all.