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Searching signals - fastest news reports

Help me find a company
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Hi guys,

Which sites do you use to get the reports as they are released?. I'm new to forex & I'm struggling to get the actual report when it is released.:):
Hi guys,

Which sites do you use to get the reports as they are released?. I'm new to forex & I'm struggling to get the actual report when it is released.:):

Use the broker Oanda. They have FX News. Or if you want to get real advantage use the “Secret News Weapon” that Felix sells.


With “Secret News Weapon” you will be one of the first that receive the news. :D

try with forexfactory.com
Way to slow.
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try with forexfactory.com

Yup far too slow.

You always get a 'Server Overload' message.

If you can afford it try Reuters

Other than that from what I hear Dealgone is on the right track with Forex News Weapon though haven't tried it myself
I also hope that someone knows a way to receive the news very quickly!
Afterwards I notice that the sinals are allways right but I cab't make money on the spike because the news is far to slow on the broker I use (Saxobank)
Are there people allready using the newsweapon?!
I'm thinking of buying it, but I hope some people have experience whit it!
sorry for my poor English but I'm Belgian!
news signal

I heard that the forexbastards news calendar is going to be "real-time". It'll probably lack by a minute or more, but still, it'll be better than forexfactory. But yes, like 3blackcrows said, if you can afford it, Reuters is great. How much is bloomberg by the way?
Hi Guys, i have the bloomberg live radio on all day. I find that when there are fundamental news about to happen that I get a pretty good idea just listening to the radio. Also Traderslog.com sends me weekly calendar and this a great site for newbies as well. Lots to read and learn here as well.

i have tried their free trail for 1 week .they are so accurate .they flashes the numbers at exact time (8:30 )means 8:30 sharp.they have extra news they wire news as soon they get it .they are fantastic ..try them im a trader i dont know them .you pay 45 usd monthly which is very cheap..
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