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signals if using an ECN broker?

Discussion in 'Current Forex Trading Signals' started by Christina Ledger, Apr 25, 2019.

  1. Christina Ledger

    Mar 12, 2019
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    how necessary is it to purchase signals if you are using an ECN broker?
  2. Joh

    Joh Sergeant Major

    Oct 11, 2007
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    Hi Christine,

    Hope your Forex training and learning are improving daily. It is difficult for me to answer your Question as i cannot imagine that one should buy signals from any broker.

    Find by all means a good teacher like Sive Morton on this website, for free and you can ask lots of questions and you can also learn how to trade from his book, also free/gratis -no strings!.
    Or try Peter Oleh (free!!! trade signals also under education above) and learn to trade the news etc.I like that a lot, follow his instructions!
    There is lots of good information all for free/no charge here on FPA website in different areas and you can learn to trade Currencies plus Gold/Silver etc.
    I strongly recommend if i was in your shoes look at what in the Forex is called ''Money Management'', so you can ascertain what exactly you can aim for.

    Personally i would prefer to learn how to trade first on a demo Acc. with only a $250 or $500 Total balance not 50000.- account unless you have in real life 50000 to invest. - so if you have a $1000 to risk do not play with $50000 but only a $500 demo acc. keep it real! Work with a small sum, which causes no heartache in case you do not succeed- no harm done.... but if after being successful/profitable for 6 months or more... then i would risk '' a small'' amount more and if successful 6 month later again slightly increase a little more etc.

    Try to start with a $100 and see if you can triple that in a few months, if so you are a star!
    Trading is learning about investing and investing you do for life! It does take time -I enjoy it!

    Hope this was useful to you welcome and Good Luck.J

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