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SimonTrader Signals (via Skydesks)

I didn't find a MyFxBook link All I saw was an image with only growth, not equity. This means that there could be trades with massive drawdowns sitting open.

Without full statistics and no info hidden (rare with people pushing investments via MyFxBook), it's impossible to be sure what's really going on.
MyFxBook leaves out one super-critical item. Are stoplosses used or not?

The chart looks impressive, but I'd want to see at least a few more months of history.
Good points, although the historical trades suggest a stoploss was used.

Yes I agree, April to July is a rather short period.
The record may show consistentlu ending losing trades within a narrow range of pips. The critical question is "are those hard SL's or a trader closely following rules"

The drawback to closely following rules is that internet connections between trading platforms and brokers can and do fail. Hard stops reside on the broker's server. Anything less puts your account at excess risk.
Good observation, it explains why, to join the service, you have to open an account with their chosen broker.