Six Reasons to Quit Your Hired Job

Grand Capital PR Representative
Do you want to work for an international company in a good position? That’s a high-key goal, especially if you aim at the biggest market players. Even better, if it works out to use the reputation of a brand and gain income while working for yourself. Can’t believe it’s real? We promise you: there are many opportunities to become an affiliate of a large organization and start sharing profits with it.

An affiliate program is an efficient business model and a good alternative to hired labor. You get a commission when you lead customers to the company. For the brand, it’s a way to increase influence and get your message across. For the affiliate, it’s an opportunity to make money without any investment. That doesn’t mean you will earn if you just post links on your page on weekends. You need to constantly build up your audience and convert it into clicks.

According to surveys, 35% of affiliate program participants make $20,000 or more a year. According to Google Trends, “affiliate program” queries have increased by 20% since 2015.

Where to start? The most important and most difficult part is to create a blog that will bring in traffic. It can be a TikTok page, a YouTube channel, or text notes on a social network. The blog should be relevant to your audience’s needs, backed by a thoughtful content plan that fits the theme of your affiliate program. Market analysis, search keywords, and current trends understanding will all help you attract more customers.

There are plenty of affiliate programs. When choosing, pay attention to the amount of commission and the level of conversion. Note that the higher the conversion, the better the reputation of the brand. We tried several popular affiliate programs and picked the six best ones for you.


A widespread web host with its affiliate program. Recommended by WordPress and serving more than 2 million sites worldwide.

Bluehost affiliates can count on a nice bonus: $65 for each client purchasing through a referral link. Over time, you can increase the payment up to $130. You can earn as much as you want since there is no monthly income limit. The platform takes part in the promotion of affiliates and provides them with promotion materials.

There are some disadvantages. Funds withdrawal is only available from $100. This means that you need to bring at least two clients to get the money. If your client decides to downgrade and pay less for a subscription, your commission decreases accordingly. And, of course, you need to be well versed in SEO optimization.


You’ve probably heard of Adobe software developer. In addition to the well-known Photoshop and Illustrator, the company produces dozens of other graphic applications. They are all integrated into a fine-tuned ecosystem — perhaps that’s why Adobe products have remained the standard in the creative industry for years.

Adobe affiliates get a commission when a customer subscribes to Adobe’s services through a referral link. Buying a one-year subscription will bring 8.33% of the cost, and a monthly plan will bring 85% of the first payment. Initially, it won’t be easy to gain a large income — Adobe products are specific, and an affiliate needs to have a broad understanding of graphic software. How do you promote it otherwise? This is suitable for those who have worked with design software.


A Chinese online store that sells probably everything from cars to aquarium plankton. Such variety along with low prices attracts customers from all over the world. There’s a downside: shipping is so long that by the time you get it, you will not remember what’s inside the box (we’ve had that happen!).

The online marketplace gives the affiliate a personal link to the product. A commission returns from each sale, in the amount depending on the type of product. The goal of the affiliate is to promote the item in any way possible. You can often see reviews of products from AliExpress on YouTube. Each item in the video has a link to it. That’s what the show is all about.

Of course, you can attract the audience differently. The possibilities are not limited by anything. The limited thing is your commission — you won’t get more than 9% per sale.

Amazon Associate

Amazon is also an online store, but American. This program is perfect for those who are new to affiliate marketing. Indeed, it is not the most remarkable among the others, but anyone can join it. There is only one limitation — you must make at least 3 purchases in the first 180 days of partnership. If less, your affiliate account will be deleted. You will have to start all over again.

Each product category has its commission rate. The average is 4%, but they give as much as 10% for sales in the “luxury cosmetics” category. We do not know why they have chosen such a percentage for this category of goods, but we suppose that’s because they are so exclusive.


The affiliate program of the Binance cryptocurrency exchange is a lucrative business. You will earn up to 20% commission from the first transaction your client makes. For the profit to go to you, each of your referrals must sign up using your link, QR code, or an affiliate ID.

Each time a referral makes a transaction, the commission is instantly transferred to your account. Duplicate, shared or fake accounts do not earn referral bonuses and will cause disqualification.

Grand Capital

An international financial broker. The company has been operating for 15 years, the platform is used by more than 1.5 million people, 42000 of them are affiliates all over the world. The main feature of this program is the multilevel partnership with the progressive commission rate. If your clients deposit up to $1000 per month, you receive 30% of your profits. Up to $5000–40%. Over $5,000–50%. Fintech is not an easy field yet very profitable. Don’t let the investment area scare you — nowadays it is easy to understand financial markets. Moreover, Grand Capital provides training materials and helps beginner affiliates to promote their social pages. All this will give you a good start.


There are many ways to earn in affiliate marketing. Amazon, if you just want to try it. Adobe if you’re into niche products. Or the Grand Capital program for affiliates with ambitions. Choose what’s right for you.