Skrill blocked my funds ( RIPPLE )


Hello, some time ago I bought some XRP with Skrill. Than I wanted have my funds back, they answered me that is not possible, because Ripple can't anymore be traded and so they refuse to release my funds. After my request to their support, this is their reply:

"Please be kindly informed that since XRP is no longer available on our platform, we are unable to process any buy/ sell orders related to it.
With that being said, transactions with XRP cannot be performed, as informed in the 'XRP Suspension' email notice we sent you on January 11, 2021.
Kind regards"

I did not received any mail from them even in the spam, anyway the mail argument is controversial, what happened if for some reason I'm not at my computer or I'm in place where I can get the mail ? What happens if for some tech reason I don't receive that ?

Is this a valid reason to block the funds forever ? ( after some months from my request they still say the funds are frozen ).

I think the logic, honest way to treat the matter is that they converted the XRP to the original currency ( Eur ).
So Ok, if I want trade XRP I must do with another provider but AT LEAST I can have back my money !

If you have some crypto with Skrill.... beware ! One day they can decide that your deposit is confiscated !

Any advice to solve the problem ?