SkyFx tries to get a Scam label lifted by using legal threats and bribery

They are still alive, they offered me a one risk free trade, because last time I lost 600 dollar in one trade with their recommendation.
I personally do not understand why would people trade with them - They had been linked 100% with 4XP which was Scam Company of the year. Headquearters are in Israel, (I have nothing against Israelis!) and everything is run by the same people and company that is running FXTG and also used to run 4XP until they closed it down and stole thousands of money.

Do not trust them !
So far, no emails from any real lawyers.
Anything new with Meleissa Mazers and skyFx. I am just inquiring as I have read a lot a bought them. I got a personal email from her this summer in regards to what I believe were cold calls with some one having every intention of ripping me of back in July 23 2015. I kind of snapped after a phone call from some one from skyFX and later got a hold of her to find out what was going on. She aswered my questions to my satisfaction. I will say flat out "I am not in buisness with skyFX in any way nor will I ever be. I am not defending or debateing any thing said a bought skyFX by you or any one on your web site. I was just wondering if there were any new up dates on skyFX. Sounds like she may be a wolf in sheeps clothing from what I have read.
Dear Hoover,

I try to avoid getting involved with anything related to SkyFX, but I just wanted to clarify that I gave my resignation to the company in August 2015 and I no longer wish to be involved with them or any related matter. I did no longer agree with the policy of the company, I hope you understand.

Melissa Mazeres
Oh my God! Hear what says Melissa! She indirectly confirms that SkyFx is scam! And she could not agree more with the company policy.
SkyFx has contacted the FPA and expressed interest in having the Scam label lifted.

I have informed them that the FPA does not discuss while under legal threat. I am told that lifting the threat is being worked on.

I suggest all clients who had problems contact the company by email and request reimbursement for the full amount owed. I also suggest keeping all communications in writing so there are no questions about exactly what was said later.