Dears , i have 2 accounts with Skyline from 1 year , their IB on egypt Fady Adel has announced from 2 months that he lost all his money ( about 65 million USD ) in trading into Skyline ,
After investigation we found that Mr. Hakim Hakim the founder of Skyline was here in Egypt looking for new IB to Collect the funds for trading in Skyline .
I and 200 people had account into Skyline and we had Claims against Hakim and Fady ( case number 1173/2012 Public Funds ) as they tried to Close all the account and refused to return back our money , the Egyptian Police arrested Hakim and Fady is still escaped .
From the investigation by the Egyptian Police we found the Skyline Servers didn't access Real market as all accounts was demo accounts and the servers that exists on Hakim house on Dubai had software that can revert the Candles to him Stop lose of the trades or convince the traders that they lost their money , as any one can compare the MT4 chart for Skyline and any other Brokers in the market .

Skyline now willing to steal our money - and per the Egyptian Police investigation Hakim and Fady and third member American/Egyptian nationality , are now demand by law as Hakim is the only one arrested for now .

Skyline don't have any real access to market so all the trades were done on Demo accounts .
for any clarification please write me back .



Do you have any links to news stories about this? Can you post copies of any police reports (preferably with translations to English)?


Sergeant Major
How extraodinary. Is there no limit to what people will do to each other? Reminds me of the classic film "The Sting".