Smart Trade Forex/Blue Sea Forex


I invested money with Smart Trade Forex of Toronto, Ontario. I did so with the money manager Blue Sea Forex. Both organizations have active websites as of this posting. The amount that I invested was $10,000. For a few weeks the account was traded up til it was around $12,500. Then I noticed that the trader put in 4 large trades, all of which were in the same direction. They were sell positions and the account dropped til there was only $200 left.
When I questioned the broker, Smart Trade Forex, they blamed the money manager for everything, saying that they had nothing to do with it. I only got a response from them when I said that I was going to begin posting about my bad experience with them. In their website they clearly state that stops are used to prevent this sort of calamity from occurring. I have read the other postings about this group on this website. The broker is unregulated, true. But that should not be a permission slip to make false statements and then take my money. Does anyone have any suggestions? I want to go to other websites to make sure that the information is out about them. The statement that the Ontario Securities Commission makes about them is rather vague in my opinion, but it means essentially to stay away from them. You are forwarned.
ouch that must've hurt a lot, from 12500 down to 200 :( whatever happened to the issue?