stopped withdraw


On Aug 4 I filled a request to withdraw all my remaining balance from my account in Their customer support Catriel told me SOON. Then no response for 10 days.

I sent them email again on Aug 14, They said they couldn't find my account. I searched all my emails and finally found that they changed their system because MT4 system changed. I gave them new account number. They said they found my account and I still have positive balance in it but they make excuse again. They want to charge dormancy fee for 5% a month! I haven't trade for one and half year so I will lose all my balance. I never saw this term when I open my account. They said it was new. However I didn't get notice about any term change. I told them if they don't refund I will file a case in FPA and to Canada and US stock and security trading agencies. This time they replied shortly but with another excuese. Fortunately I still kept the wire receipt of 3 years ago. I sent it to them, Then they became silent again.
Its strange that you forgot to withdraw money and came to withdraw it after 1 and half year :confused:.
As per rules and regulation if you cant login in to your account more than 6 months (not sure) than your account can be locked but money stays in.

What is the amount so far ?

and what excuses they are giving to you ?

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Well Salim that's his money and his business when to withdraw. This doesn't give the company a justification to steal his money.

About your 6 months rule, I have never heard of it and it's a totally illegal action to take someone's account if he's inactive.
There are brokers with inactivity fees. If and only if these are clearly communicated in advance to clients, are not retroactive, and are allowed under the regulation of the countru where the broker is based, they are (unfortunately) legal.

However, even if they did take some of the money, going silent when they owe even $1 is not the action one expects from an honest, ethical broker.